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In June of 2007, our founder began working hard for people just like you, who have hit roadblocks in family court. Fathers are unaware that being in an unmarried relationship means the mother has sole custody, and visitation must be asked for in court. We help eliminate the headaches by showing you how to properly file.

We have been actively serving the community for over a decade and our services are available in all states in America. You only have to file for your hearings and follow our advice on how to present yourself in court. Please always keep in mind that we do what we do with your child’s best interest at heart. For a retainer fee and small monthly fee, we manage your case for an entire year. Get started today.


Our founder has helped dads and moms win their cases without an attorney. Our proven legal strategies work.


Our custody advocates are experienced, committed advocates. We manage your case for a full 12 months.


Our advocates have the absolute fortitude to fight for our community, bringing children & parents together.

we do this not for fame, but for the people of our community – and our children.

– Amir Shakir

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